The introduction and the presentation

Our prophet Yahya yahana, who the good transplant that was taken from the basin of upper yardna, and gave birth in the womb of Enishby, the intention hand of the God and the fate will  to make her womb good incubator for that embryo, who quickly enlarged, and became newborn. He absolutely wasn’t heavy for her. In the end of ninth month of the bearing, directly after the birth, and by command of the angel Ennish Ethra, he was transported to the mountain of white Parwan, where the versant of mountain is very wide, full of fruits, and was covering by the pure sky, and where the sucking child tree was erected there. After thirty days and in the day of Dayma feast Hibil ziwa came with Anush Ethra by command of Great glorious Father to the Madi Mountain, and went to Buhram son of Ethras, who was living in the Madi Mountain too, and they went to Parwan Mountain where the newborn Yahya yahana was there.

The Nasuraean poeple inspire that from the inspiration of their wide Nasrutha. They took newborn and went to the shushter to yaluz yaluz yaluz in the area of Ksakir, where the three springs of warm water were bursting out, and their sight appear to the observer as if they were between the earth and the sky. The sons of live family Hibil, Shitil, and Anush blessed there springs, thus their blessing halted at them, so that the three springs were named by the three angels’ names. They pour in the Ulai River “Karun River”, and the newborn Yahya yahana was baptized there under the tree that was uprighting on those three springs and from his baptism obtained the name and the pure sign, which he received from water waves, and from treasures of Radians, Light, and Glory, and from the great upper womb, then they returned with him to the Parwan Mountain. After he became seven years old, Anush Ethra came and wrote Mandaean Alphabet to him. When he became twenty two years old, he completed all Nasrutha’s knowledge, and whole of recitations, and learned the wisdom.

The angels dressed him the garment of light, covered him by clouds, donated him the girdle of bright water, took him by Anan Ziwa’s cloud, and leaded him during seven hours. On Sunday they uplifted him to the Urashlam town.

Hibil Ziwa and who were with him surrounded yahya Yahana. In spite of the distant between the town and mountain was estimated by six thousand fersakhs, they accompanied him from mount to anther and saved him.

By power of the Celestial king of Light, (His name is praised), the speaking and the hearing were donated to him, and he made many Tarmidi. During forty-two years He was reciting the lives speech. When his lifetime was sixty-four years, his date came and his amount ended, his planter Manda ḓ Hayyi appeared to him, and took him out from his body and uplifted his soul with him to the World of Light.

During He was found in Urashlam, was the father, the brother, the teacher, the adviser, and the preacher for all people, all his followers, his rebellious and who were walking with him in the road of truth and faith.

The blessing of Great Hayyi that was donated to him such as speaking and hearing made him human having personalty matchless, awesome, and pervasive, which made every one respects, fears, and comes to him in every small or big case.

He was the healing doctor who cures the unhealthy people and his medicine was the moving water, so he made the blind can see, the dumb can speak, and cripple can walk.

He realized by his shining thought, that the dark creatures inserted the love of possession in minds and souls of people for everything, and save them forever, he saw the cause of suffering and unhappiness is the selfish desire, and greed that covered so much people.

However, greed is endless, like a bottomless pit that can never be filled. The more he wants, the more unhappy life is, the limitless wants and desires are the cause of the suffering. Our prophet Yahya yahana by his shining thought and his unlimited wisdom could remove suffering and unhappiness from many people; he was toiling to remove those selfish desire and greed. Just as a fire dies when no fuel is added, so unhappiness will end when the fuel of selfish desire is removed, then he will get happiness in life.

Our prophet explained and drew the path that leads to the end of suffering by following steps.

  1. Right understanding; means to have a correct understanding of himself and the world. Although he may have his own view of the world, it may not always be right. If we understand thing as they really are, we would be able to live happier and more meaningful life.
  2. Right thought; means to think in the right way. Those who harbour thought of greed and anger will easily get into trouble. But if we think correctly the right thought, we would end up doing the right thing.
  3. Right speech; means to avoid lying, tale telling, gossiping, backbiting, idle talk and harsh words. Harsh words can wound more deeply than weapons, while gentle words can soften heart of a hardened criminal. This shows the effect on others in the way we speak. Our prophet said; pleasant speech is as sweet as honey, truthful speech is beautiful like a flower, and wrong speech is unwholesome like filth. Therefore, we should speak words that are truthful meaningful and with good will.
  4. Right action; means not to harm or destroy any life, not to steal rest of people and not to do thing in harmful way.
  5. Right livelihood; means not to live on work that would in any way bring harm to living beings. Do not seek happiness by making others unhappy.
  6. Right effort; means to do our best to become a better person, and to testify by the others.
  7. Right mindfulness; means to be always aware and attentive. We should always be aware of what we think, say, and do.
  8. Right meditation; means to keep the mind steady and calm in order to see clearly the true nature of things. This type of mental practice can make us become more understanding and happier people.

Our prophet Yahya Yuhand was not only the healing doctor who heal Mandaean people, but he was healing all sick people. Because the doctor who in the battle area most heals whole of sick men and bandages their injuries, till they were his bitter enemies. So was our prophet, and who did not abuse the healing force that the Great Hayyi donated at him, but he continues to use by his piercing intelligence to heal people from their suffering and to settle Peace and safety in the world.

In one day, a young woman came to our prophet, she was in greater state of sadness as if she nearly became mad. The young woman was from a rich family who was married to a wealthy man. When her only son was a year old, he suddenly fell ill and died. Overcome with grief, she took the dead child in her arms and went from house to house asking people if they knew a medicine that could restore her child’s life. Of course, no one was able to help her. Finally, she remembered our prophet. When she carried the dead child to him, and told him her sad story, he listened with patience and compassion. He said to her, there is only way to solve your problem. Be calm, go and get me five wheat seeds from any family in which there has never been a death.

 The young woman set off to look for such a household but without success. Every family she visited had experienced the death of one person or another. At last, she understood what our prophet wanted her to find out herself that death comes to all. Accepting the fact that death inevitable, she no longer grieved. She took the child’s body away and later returned to our propher Yahya yuhana, thanked him and said let me become one of your followers.

One day, an angry man with a bad temper went to see our prophet Yahya Yuhana. The man used harsh words to abuse Yahya Yuhana. Yahya Yuhana listened to him patiently and quietly and did not say anything as the man spoke. The angry man finally stopped speaking. Only then did our prophet ask him, if someone wants to give you something, but you don’t want to accept it, to whom does the gift belong? The man answered. Of course, it belongs to the person who tried to give it away in the first place.

Likewise, it is with your abuse, said our prophet. I don’t wish to accept it, and so it belongs to you. You would have to keep this gift of harsh words and abuse for yourself. And I am afraid that in the end you will have to suffer for it, for a bad man who abuses a good man can only bring suffering on is as if a man wanted to dirty the sky by spitting at it. His spittle can never make the sky dirty; it would only fall onto his own face and makes it dirty instead.

The man listened to our prophet and felt ashamed. And asked him to forgive him, and said let me become one of your followers.